Thursday, May 12, 2011

you !

hello assalam :)
dear you !
how are you dear ? i hope you in the pink of healthy with your family . hi there !
it have been long you didn't apear in my life , emm i mean you didn't online for a long time .
how dare you ! i miss you so muchhhhhhh <3 <3 <3 huh !
and if i ask you why you didn't online for a long time you might answer
'haha belajar lah weh' . yeah i know you is the cleaver students right ?
yeah of course if not,your addmath mark will not good like that .
if we always see in FB .
you always story about your life in your school .
you tell me that you always late to sleep .
you always sleep in 1 am like that .
ohhh ! i cannot face it dear .
but i know you can face it :)
go go go !! ;D
and while you going back at home , you chat with me without any sigh to sleep .
but you just joke to me blablabla and i pretend to sulk spoilt .
i really love that time . i want it more more and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope during the school holidays on two weeks later , i hope we always chat together  .
i really want the day fast to come but late to go
hmmm okay .
i got to go

ayat bterabur . tp ttp nk try ! yeahhh determined .
*layan cite I'M NOT SINGLE~
smbil type :DD

assalam :)

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